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Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy {early} Birthday Haidyn! {Central FL Children's Photographer}

I finally got to spend some time with Haidyn this morning - the first time we were scheduled to meet we got rained out - six months ago. :) The second time we scheduled I showed up and forgot a super important piece of equipment. I still burn with embarassment whenever I think about it. FORTUNATELY Haidyn's mom is full of grace (and was willing to laugh with me rather than blame!) and we decided to wait for life to slow down for them a little bit.

We scheduled to meet last week - and we did - again - but the weather was NOT in our favor and we rescheduled...for today. :) Of course - this morning was so humid and the air so "thick" that we felt as though we were swimming (at least I did!) and the sky was covered with clouds - but we didn't give in this time! A few sprinkles did not stop us! :)

Haidyn's first birthday is tomorrow - and for her mama I have a few special "peeks" for her at Haidyn's pictures. The weather didn't cooperate but Haidyn sure did! :) And I'm so glad that we didn't give up because these pictures are totally worth it.... Haidyn's mom and dad - Enjoy!!








Kim W. said...

awww!!! Great pics of a very special little girl!

Anonymous said...

love the colors! mom

Haidyn's momma! said...

Love them. I think they turned out great...so far! Thank you so much!!!!

gaby said...

What a cutie, great pics

Jaimee said...

Glad you gals could finally connect. They look great!