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Thursday, April 15, 2010

When I grow up I'm gonna have a daddy too.

I was listening to Ella this morning (as I always do!) while we drove Micah to school...she was saying the funniest things.

"Mommy, when I'm growed up I gonna have a daddy too. He'll be my hubs-band and I'm going to give him my kisses and hugs. But I can give you my kisses and hugs too."

Me: Yes Ella :)

"Mommy, will I live far away from you when I'm growed up?"

Me: I don't know Ella...maybe, I don't know what will happen.

"But God knows. God knows where I'll live, right Mommy? God knows who my hubs-band will be too, right mommy?"

Me: Yes Ella. God does know. He has a plan for you and He loves you and wants HIS best for your life.

"Yeah. Mommy?"

Me: Yes Ella?

"That's a pretty big truck. Ours is big too. We shouldn't drive down this road. It's not allowed. You're breaking the law."

(I'm not breaking the law, by the way.)

Me: Yes Ella that's a big truck, bigger than ours. We are allowed to drive here, that's a sign for trucks that are HUGE....not ones like ours.

"Oh. OK. Do you think my babies will be in my stomach like you? I'd like a baby in my stomach. But not now. Not until I'm growed up. And when I have a hubs-band. He can play with my baby. Her name is going to be Ella. No......Olivia. Yeah. I'll name her Olivia."

Me: laugh :)






Melissa Lewis said...

awe, she is too sweet. LOVE that little conversation. So glad you wrote it down :)

Sheree Whited said...

Elisabeth, that's so precious! It makes me anxious for when Payton starts talking. To me, this conversation speaks volumes to your marriage. It's obvious that she sees a very positive relationship between you and your husband. That's so awesome!

The Røsviks said...

So sweet! We love and miss you Ella Bella!!!!! The kids loved looking at the pictures of her. Maybe skype tomorrow???

Anonymous said...

oh sweet Ella.
love, Grandma Esther

eba said...

Adoreable! <3

IVMarz said...

love it. you're such a good mommy!

Emily Wilson said...

Good girl, she knows that she needs a hubs-band BEFORE the kids start coming!!! :)