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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Do - Keith & Sharon {Florida Wedding Photography}

So Keith and Sharon have been patiently waiting for a sneak peek of their wedding...and I have been VERY behind in blogging (as anyone who frequents my site already knows)....can you almost hear the sound of crickets chirping??

Anyway, I'm sitting here at my church (another day of directory pictures) :) and Amy Thomas is entertaining me with her amazing song writing/vocal/guitar skills (this girls got SKILZ!) and I thought I'd quickly blog some pictures of Keith and Sharon together on their wedding day. :)

I don't think the weather could have possibly been better - it was about 75 - 80 degrees out, not a cloud in the sky. :) I hung out with the girls for a little bit and then Keith and I got ready for him to see Sharon for the first time that day. The venue was Leu Gardens, and we found a little spot tucked away - semi private :) - for them to have their "first look". Keith waited for Sharon with a huge smile on his face - practically jumping up and down as he waited - Sharon waited with a smile that easily matched the size of Keith's. He asked me what to do when he saw her and I told him to do whatever it was that he wanted to do. :) Spin her around, kiss her, hug her, run to her - ha! Whatever his heart led him to do.... What a sweet moment for the two of them... :)

We wandered around the gardens together and enjoyed the time we had for their portraits. :) Here's a preview for them AND a taste of their portraits together....Keith and Sharon, your wedding was amazing. :) Sharon you were STUNNING. Keith it was so much fun to watch you with your new bride, to see how excited both of you were....thank you both for having me photograph your wedding and be a part of that special day with you! May God bless you and your marriage, and I pray you will have many wonderful years together. :)









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April said...

Breathtaking and SO crisp!