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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Lugo Family {Central Florida Family Photographer}

Ahh....my face hurts. At least, this is what I posted on my dear friend Veronica's facebook page a couple hours ago. This morning I was able to meet up with her and THE FAM and take some pictures for them - what a fun Christmas present idea, huh? I should totally do this next year for MYSELF! haha!

Anyway, my face hurts because as I sat here going through the images my smile got bigger...and bigger....and eventually I had to stop myself and massage my cheeks, reminding myself that I do NOT need to grin like a cheshire cat at the computer screen! Alas, that stern talking-to only lasted about 30 seconds because as soon as I resumed my "work" the smile came back. :)

A quick "Merry Christmas" to my sweet, wonderful friend....I hope your family loves them and that you do too!

Let me start by mentioning how COLD it was out this morning! We met at 9am and it was STILL freezing!!

So we took lots of these...

And then of course some of these :)


And ooh-la-la some of THESE....

And anyone who knows the Lugo family KNOWS that a LOT of "this" was involved! :)


Oh those Lugo kids...they're so much fun :)



Anonymous said...

these are ab so lute ly Breathtakingly Beautiful!!!!!!!
LOVE them.

and its not just because i am your mom!

IVMarz said...

Now MY face hurts!!! :oD I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and am so excited to see the rest. They capture glimpses of my family <3

The Røsviks said...

GorgeousGorgeousGorgeousGorgeous! I am SO sneaking into your proof website thing to see them all when they are finished...can't wait! :-)

Heather Wilkinson said...