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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Liam {Central FL Newborn Photographer}

There are several people waiting (probably impatiently!) to see these pictures of baby Liam. What a sweetheart! Day 1 of his pictures - well, didn't go so well. :) He was WIDE awake and hungry....and mom and I, "winging it" as we were...well, we weren't prepared. He just happily made googelie eyes at us and sucked on his fingers hungrily. :) We decided to give him another chance....a few days later, during his morning nap.

SUCCESS! Sweet Liam...almost 4 weeks old...slept as soundly as could be while we moved him around in various poses. :) What a snuggly little dude...I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. ;)







Anonymous said...

SO precious. really nice pics.
love, mom

Anonymous said...

That is one nice looking baby, so sweet love the name Liam. Very cute. just think 10 more days it will be my Birthday...Great Photo shots good eye..from the photogragher...