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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween (EARLY) 2011

Yes, I know it's not YET Halloween...but we already got dressed up once and took pictures - so I'm being proactive and blogging them NOW before it becomes Easter and I realize I never shared these. :) (See Aunties S, J & L - I am not ALWAYS late!!)

I had every intention of making our costumes this year. In fact, we were ALL going to be "angry birds" - biggest to smallest starting with dad and ending with Olive...but that idea tanked early on because when do I have time to make five costumes?!? :) (Even if they were going to be big t-shirts with a shape and a face on them.) Then I was going to make the kids' costumes - pirate, unicorn and "who knows" what Olive wanted to be. But that was thrown by the wayside when I found clearanced costumes at Gymboree for $10 bucks for the girls. Then it was left to me to CONVINCE Ella she wanted to be "whatever this was"....and I have NO idea what she was. But it was cute and suited her. :) Because truth be told, we have no idea who Ella is! It changes moment by moment...

Olive was easy - tell her she's some sort of princess (even though she was a peacock, sort of) and she's happy. Micah was harder. I didn't WANT to make a pirate costume. I didn't have to make the others - so I was getting lazier by the minute and about to offer him candy or something to just be something easy he already had in the dress-up box. (Yes, we have a dress-up box for the kids - it's AWESOME so no judging!) He decided yesterday to be a knight (he was a knight at 3 so yes, you've seen this costume before but it still fit!!) and I told him he couldn't change his mind anymore. (go me!) So that took care of that!!

I assume we'll dress up tomorrow as well - but the highlight of October 31 around here is not actually Halloween - it's the fact that the NEXT day, November 1, is Ella's birthday. :) And that is a day that she thinks about every SINGLE day of the year, wondering how far away it is, planning far in advance....for a party that never actually seems to happen as planned. ;)



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