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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweet baby brother {Newborn Photography}

I had the incredible...no, that's not the word. EXTREME .... not sure that covers it either...Well, let's keep it simple. I was blessed last week when, early Monday morning, I received a phone call from a dear friend - she was in labor. We had planned to do her maternity pictures in just two days but that baby was coming NOW. We had talked about me photographing the birth of little Max (a home birth) and I had hoped that he would come at a time when I would have a babysitter for my kids. What better time than 3 am? :)

I threw on some clothes, grabbed my gear and ran out the door. I had NO idea what to expect. I had 3 c-sections, never once experience a REAL contraction, and the entire "labor and delivery" process was a great mystery to me. Movies do not do it justice. :) Max's mom was...awe-inspiring. And it's not because she quietly focused and labored with her loved ones nearby...although I must say PEACEFUL was the word of the hour. :) We smiled and laughed in between contactions and then gradually they became stronger. Soon Max's mom had hardly any time to rest in between and the midwife quietly let her know that if she didn't try to get over to the birthing chair soon, she just might have that little boy right where she was. (Which was fine, of course!)

Max's dad and their friend/doula carefully guided his beloved into the next room where just moments passed and Max had arrived. Tears all around, smiles and hushed praise and thanksgiving to the One who had created this tiny miracle. (Not to mention YAY! Mama did it!) :)

One week has passed and I have not yet lost my wonder at the miracle of birth - how amazingly and wonderfully our bodies are made! And not just the tiny newbies but their incredible mothers as well! And for the record - I know that PHYSICALLY it's not as hard on the fathers but emotionally and mentally, they are involved. Watching Max's dad encourage and strengthen his sweet wife - knowing he'd do more if only he could - but this was HER time to be hurting and HIS time to support her....yes the fathers are amazing as well. :)

Little Max and his mom and older brother came to visit one week after he was born...he's only gotten cuter. :) A couple favorites and a slideshow because I am not capable of choosing just one or two... I have to say, I'm disappointed in the colors of the slideshow but eh...he's just so cute :)

You can see the slideshow at http://www.elisabethnixonphotography.com/MartinezNB






IVMarz said...

THANK YOU!!! What a sweet song too! Loooove them! <3

Dan said...

that bottom picture is ridiculous! I already have my female friends asking if Victor's single, lol. Not really... but seriously, great pictures! I'm glad I could see my nephew up close from so far away. :)

Kids Educational Resources said...

Nice pictures.

Yaya Lugo said...

You did an awesome job Miss Elizabeth!!!! God bless you.

Sandra Martinez said...

Mimi,is in tears over here. I can't wait to see my grandsons.

Anonymous said...

We went "Wow!" too on that last picture. Victor = want to eat him up. Max = want to snuggle, snuggle, snuggle!!!

Love you guys! Congrats on this new "branch on your family tree" to quote that cute song!

L, L, & G (and Momma P, who's here too!)

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