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Monday, January 10, 2011

JONAH {Central Florida Newborn Photography}

UPDATE: This sweet little boy is NOT Noah! He is JONAH. Yes, I totally messed up! His sweet mama quietly corrected me - I'm so sorry Ana!! :) I couldn't tell you where it came from but I do this stuff ALL the time - I don't even know my own children's names!! LOL

I got to spend a morning with Jonah and his parents a couple weeks ago - our original date was cancelled because I had pneumonia and of course was not going to go snuggle with this sweet newbie.....and then a couple weeks later when we were able to get together I was so afraid that (1) he'd be big already! and (2) that he wouldn't want to sleep! :)

Well....he didn't really want to sleep. Not with daddy around to play with - and especially not with me there all wierd and loud. :) Fortunately, we tired him out, mama tanked him up and with the help of our "magic heater" he drifted off to sleep eventually. YES! This tiny bundle of love had the sweetest "thinking" face - the occasional smile - and yes, a good 'ol fashioned GRUMPY grimace whenever I moved him. :)

Mama's been waiting on a little peek of what's to come - and it's about time already! Oh - and you might recognize his stunning mommy - she modeled for us with the Babyourself Magazine for the December issue. Her maternity pictures may not be your typical type but she sure is one HAWT mama!! (A little peek at that below...) ;)








And yes, his GORGEOUS mama....


Oh yeah - if you've wondered where the heck I've gone?? I'm right HERE....www.babyourself.com :)


Melissa G. said...

He is precious! Something about his little turned down lips.
Great pictures!

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Diana said...

Ana he is so handsome :O) love the pictures.

Corner Mystery said...

waw, nice shoot.....

Anonymous said...
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