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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peek: The newest member of our family

Hello everybody, meet Peek!


Micah and I met her yesterday and brought her home. It was the best day of his life (his words, not mine) and to be honest, I'm almost as excited as he is. :)

I never had a dog or a cat growing up....we lived in a building that had rules about pets. (ie: they had to be "flushable") We may have toed the line though. At one point I had some fish (they were flushable) but they proved to be more work than I was willing to put into them. (It could be that two of the guppies I brought home had babies the first night and I spent ALL NIGHT catching the silly little things so they wouldn't get eaten, only to have them ALL die within a week.) Eventually I only had a sucker fish left and he was going to live FOREVER, happily eating the scum that grew in the tank. After he "walked" across the floor (Yes they can do that - with their fins - it's Eeiry and scared the HECK out of me!) I turned him loose. Cut me some slack, internet - I was a kid and I couldn't sleep at night because I was afraid he'd get out, walk across the floor and "get" me!!

We did have lots of hampsters - which is why Peek is here today. Our hampsters had babies and then we had more hampsters. When all of those were gone I had a couple of mice (which stunk to HIGH heaven because they were both boys) and eventually I had to give them to a new home who didn't mind the stench because our room smelled like something had died in it.

I had a little hedgehog for a few months. That was probably my favorite pet EVER. A sweet friend of mine knew how much I wanted one and he got it for me...showed up at my door with this adorable baby hedgehog! His name was Taz. I think, however, that Taz was sold too young because unfortunately he didn't thrive....I'd take him for "walks" and he'd dig around in the dirt and grass. :) He'd puff up if he was scared but most of the time he just snuggled. OH man I loved that hedgehog!! But sadly, Taz seemed to get really sick...my friend took him to his house to see if he could help but eventually Taz died. :(

Oh and then there was What. "What?" you say....?? Yes, her name was "what" - at least, we think What was a girl. We still aren't sure WHAT What was. I worked for a long time at a church's childcare and one night a little boy came in with a box of baby guinea pigs. He was trying to sell them. I purchased What for $5 and she became one of the most beloved family members our family has ever known. She was mine until I graduated and went off to college, at which point she technically became Joanna's guinea pig.....although ALL of those years it was mom who took care of her so she REALLY belonged to my mom. :) What was awesome. Seriously. She's snuggle on my neck and watch TV with me. She'd squeak and squeal like CRAZY anytime the refrigerator opened - she knew INSIDE the fridge was the "good stuff". (lettuce, carrots, etc.) Even if we tried to SNEAK into the fridge she'd hear it and go wild. Ahh...What, you were so much fun!

Well, all of this to say - we never had dogs or cats. I don't really know what to do with those kinds of animals. Someday I hope our family will adopt a dog and the kdis will get to experience that - but for now, I'm starting out with what I know best. :) Rodents and other small creatures.

Peek is a Roborovski Hampster. She is tiny. VERY tiny. And she's full-grown. :) She's very curious (quite timid though, which is a funny mix) and she is very sweet. Roborovski hampsters rarely bite and we're hoping she stays as sweet as she is now. The kids LOVE her. Olivia thinks she's the best thing to have entered our home and I'm a little afraid she might try to EAT her. (She puts everything in her mouth, you know!)

So here are a couple more pictures of Peek - oh and one of Olivia because HONESTLY could she be any cuter??





Anonymous said...

you could not be any cuter!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - what about the rabbit we had... Dad

Deanna said...

Oh my goodness Peek is so so cute!!!!! And Liv look a lot like Ella in that pic.

The Røsviks said...

Olive Juice is the cutest baby in the entire world. (And it's a big world out there!) Just so you know, after our skype conversation the kids ran outside to find Markus and tell him that we are going to get a "monster" like Micah and Ella have. :-)

BallardFamily said...

Olivia is absolutely adorable! And her moma has great taste in clothes :) Love that little outfit.