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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun with Friends

Last week we had some friends over and I found myself (for the first time in AGES) with my camera in hand. Little K is about to celebrate her first birthday and we were talking about pictures for the invitations. It occurred to me that I could possibly help her mommy out with this....and so I dragged out the camera that I have severely neglected all summer.

Olive Juice, Baby K and Baby A are all about the same age, well...Olive is the oldest, with Baby A about 3 months behind her. Then Baby K is just behind him....did you catch that? It's funny to watch them play together though...they're all at slightly different stages of development and it makes us mommies sigh with longing for the stages we've left behind and get excited about the stages to come. :)

Also notice my older children cannot keep their hands off other people's babies. Note to self: warn future visitors about possible mauling.

First up, Baby K - you may remember her from her six month pictures a while back. :)


THIS is how smiley she is. :) She had an ear infection when we did her six month pictures which totally made sense considering the solemn and sad looks she gave me!


No, Baby K is NOT trying to eat Baby A. (and yes her mommy does feed her regularly, evidenced by the lovely roundness in her arms and cheeks!) but rather, she was giving him sweet kisses. :)


Here's Baby A...the boy of the group....and yes, he IS all boy :)


You gotta watch out for those pesky Nixon kids...


And where is Olivia during all of this? Busy. Doin' her THANG . . . and yes that IS an "I love Olivia" shirt. (Thanks Elisabeth M!!)


And since the intention of me bringing the camera out WAS to grab a couple of pictures for baby K's mama, we'll end on this sweet note. :)


Have a great week and goodbye til next time (whenever THAT is....)


Anonymous said...

Cute pics! I love the ones of Olive...and I think that we should all have those shirts ;)

Deanna said...

Wow, Olive doesn't look like Ella or Micah anymore. She has a look all her own now. I love that shirt on her!!!

Anonymous said...

what a mop of hair Olivia has!!! So cute. can't wait to see them all.
sweet pictures of the kids...
love, mom